Name: Susan Greenberg

Age/class year: 19, sophomore

Hometown: West Port Connecticut

Why did you choose NETS@ Penn over another engineering school? Over another major?
I've always known I wanted to be a Penn engineer, since I was ten (dad started taking me to homecoming) I always saw myself going into computer science, reading books by Malcolm Gladwell about how Internet is affecting life. NETS combined everything. After seeing it in an alumni newsletter my dad said "oh man you've gotta see this" it was perfect.
How did you become interested in this stuff?
Growing up surrounded by media. And rowing in school. I would use social media and search engines to research the competition. Eventually I thought, "There's got to be more I can do with this technology than look up rowing stats"
How would you describe the program to your friends and family who may not be familiar with it?
I have a couple different answers. "the Facebook major" it’s looking at networks, it’s looking at how being connected affects us, and how we can model it. We’re learning how to build things that will be a great success, not just guess at what might work.