Name: Gaston Montemayor

Age/class year: 18, freshman

Hometown: San Sebastian, Spain

Why did you choose NETS over another engineering school? Over another major?
I was always very interested in computer science and very interested in social media. I thought this program was a good fit for me.
How did you become interested in this stuff?
One day I started signing up for IM, and then bigger social networks Tuenti- a Spanish social network. The games, social purposes, layout were all very interesting. I would read about them in blogs.
How did you know this is what you wanted to do?
I developed a website, three years ago, about rock music.
How would you describe the program to your friends and family who may not be familiar with it?
You analyze networks in the real world and apply them to social media, how Facebook recommends friends, how Youtube find the most appropriate video, how do social networks work.