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Networks permeate and influence virtually every aspect of our lives- everything from how millions of Parisians travel on the Metro to how individuals make friends. Networks lift entire economies and elect presidents. They start revolutions. Move commerce. Make scientific discoveries. Cure diseases. Secure peace. Save lives.

To understand and predict behavior, and to design new capabilities and services, we must understand people, systems, and incentives, and how the structure and properties of networks affects interactions.

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NETS Student Samantha Chung Selected as KPCB Engineering Fellow

April 12, 2017

From http://www.seas.upenn.edu/media/news/kpcb-mar-17.php: Samantha Chung (NETS'19, shown in center) and two other SEAS students have been selected as 2017 KPCB Engineering Fellows. The KPCB Fellowship Program was developed b

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NETS Assistant Professor Victor Preciado Receives NSF CAREER Award

March 08, 2017

From: http://www.seas.upenn.edu/media/news/nsf-17.php Penn Engineering assistant professor Victor Preciado, Raj and Neera Singh Assistant Professor, has been selected to receive a 2017 NSF CAREER Award. This award is the NSF's

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NETS Professor Aaron Roth Becomes Class of 1940 Chair
New Co-Directors: Professors Andreas Haeberlen and Aaron Roth
NETS Professor Rakesh Vohra Video Profile
Lu Chen from Facebook is Visiting

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The Warren Center for Network and Data Sciences

We are delighted that a new Center is being launched to focus on topics closely

ASPEN - cluster processing of heterogeneous dynamic data

Managing Heterogeneity in Highly Distributed Stream, Cloud, and Sensor Systems

Query-driven data integration

The Q Query System One of the major challenges for end users today (whether sci

Differential privacy

Putting Differential Privacy to Work A wealth of data about individuals is cons

Speakers Series


15:00 101 Levine Hall

Securing Deployed Cryptographic Systems

Christina Garman , Johns Hopkins University


15:00 101 Levine Hall

New Algorithms for High-Dimensional Data

Ilya Rzenshteny , MIT CSAIL