For the average mind, questions like how Facebook recommends friends or how Google fills in search terms are a shrug between one tab and the next. But it’s an extraordinary mind that invents the very systems that govern the networks, economies, and markets of the future.

In Penn's unprecedented NETS Engineering Program, that pioneer is you. Meet the first undergraduate degree program of its kind ready to help you engineer tomorrow's networks, networked systems, and markets—where technological, sociological, and economic perspectives combine.

Networks have changed us. But who among us will change the networks?

You could call the Internet a jungle of machines-computers, cell phones, and millions of servers in data center warehouses-communing through copper, optical, and satellite links.

The universal communications layer of these machines offers services and capabilities that are extensible in ways we never imagined just a few years ago, from online education and sharing jokes with millions in a matter of minutes to transforming entire media industries.

But the Internet is not the sum of its machines. Who owns them? Who uses them? And who invents, negotiates and delivers the services in between?

You know that comprehending the 21st century world means grasping the Internet's technologies, algorithms and markets, as well as the sociology that drives its users, in both digital and real-world networks. But your potential goes beyond understanding these fields. With the NETS Program, you're one of the few who will harness and invent the systems of the future.

The NETS Program is looking for students with a top academic record, an entrepreneurial bent, and a hands-on approach to technology: aspiring engineers willing to take their minds beyond the syllabus.

The ideal NETS student continues a strong foundation of mathematics and computer science, and will study everything from online social networks and commerce to cloud computing. Courses in sociology and economics join game theory, probability, physics and more, giving you the tools to properly analyze and design complex networks.

You can find more information about applying to, or transferring to, the NETS program here.

Why I enrolled in NETS

As you learn more about why you should enroll in NETS, perhaps it would be helpful to hear why our students enrolled here in the first place. Meet some of our students and get their unique, straightforward take on what brought them in the thick of this new discipline.

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Visionaries in technology, Rajendra and Neera Singh have provided the resources to prepare students for the burgeoning field of intellectual and entrepreneurial activity. The Singhs are principal owners of Telcom Ventures, LLC, a private investment firm specializing in telecommunications and relation information technologies. Through their business activities, investments and philanthropy, they have been a constant force for innovation in technology worldwide.
Please refer to our application page for more information on how to apply to the NETS program.