The career possibilities of the supremely well connected

Today’s world is centered around our ability to connect with others. Through this program students will receive an intimate understanding of how the world is connected, so they can go out and create the tools that will enhance our culture and our commerce and change the way we view the Internet, society—and everything in between.

From business and investments, communications and information access, scientific discovery and medicine to government information and security, our graduates will be in a perfect position to make their mark on the world.

Their deep intellectual and practical preparation in networks and network phenomena—the Internet, power grids, social and technological networks—sponsored search, emerging markets, automatic trading and collective decision making in social networks will make them the cream of sought-after talent in a field whose influence grows every second.

"Having coursework in social network analysis, mechanism design or economics, along with a fundamental understanding of computer science and algorithms will make Networked and Social Systems Engineering candidates stand out from all the others."

Cameron Marlow
In-House Sociologist

Where our graduates will make their mark

The types of firms looking to hire graduates with a NETS-like background is as broad as it is deep.

Students who graduate from Networked & Social Systems at Penn will have marketable skills desired by titans in a myriad of sectors. Their understanding of networks can be applied to the Internet, the power grid and other social networks. Moreover, their ability to understand and predict behavior will make them a valuable prospect for data analytic or quantitative finance and algorithmic trading companies.

Ultimately, NETS students will work for today’s most dynamic and groundbreaking Internet companies or start their own business, have careers in technology-driven consulting or revolutionize streaming media. If they want to continue their education, post bachelor degree, they’ll go on to do graduate work or research to advance fields of economics, engineering, social media or finance.

Kleiner-Perkins Caufield & Byers Fellows
The Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Fellows Program is a three-month work-based program that pairs top U.S. Engineering and Design students with innovative startup companies in Silicon Valley.
Apple iOS Women in Technology Scholarship
Apple provides support for female applicants eager to build a career in technology. To learn more, email
Google Summer of Code
Google sponsors a global program in which students are given summer stipends to write open source code.
Microsoft Scholarships
Microsoft offers a variety of scholarships to undergraduates pursuing a technical discipline like NETS.
To learn more about possible opportunities for tech-related fellowships and careers, visit

Listen to those remaking the world before our very eyes

Each year, NETS and Yahoo! bring several of the field's most influential minds to discuss the issues they encounter and the discoveries they make. The Speaker Series is an invaluable opportunity to hear first-hand — and rub elbows with — these groundbreaking thinkers and entrepreneurs. Who knows? They could very well be your colleagues (or your competition) someday.

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Movers and Quakers

Fact: There are nearly 300,000 living Penn alumni making their mark upon the world at this very moment. Being a part of this vast, global, Ivy League network has its definite advantages. From the impossibly successful to the unbelievably helpful, the fellow Quakers you encounter may offer sage advice—or maybe even a big break that gets your career off the ground. As you strive to create new networks at Penn, always remember that the most valuable one may actually be one you already belong to.

PennLink Career Services is the catalyst for many of these alumni connections, not to mention information about internships, fellowships, job postings and other valuable information.

Where capital ideas can find, among other things, capital

Whether you are looking for startup capital or fellow collaborators, NETS offers a very supportive environment for you to practice entrepreneurship in this fast-moving area.

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