Name: Abhishek Gadiraju

Age/class year: 19, sophomore

Hometown: Ambler, PA

Why did you choose NETS over another engineering school? Over another major?
It was interesting, dynamic and a bleeding edge field. It's always exciting to be part of a developing field rather than a static one.
How did you become interested in this stuff?
I attended a summer program at Penn after my junior year of high school, Professor Ali gave a small speech about the program and it caught my interest. I eventually came to Penn to talk to him, and that lead to me getting in it.
How did you know this is what you wanted to do?
I knew it was the right path in high school, when I was talking to one of my favorite teachers, telling him about the program and he laughingly said "at least someone will have a job in is this market!"
How would you describe the program to your friends and family who may not be familiar with it?
A lot of computer science and math with a good amount of economics mixed in as well.