NETS Course Planning Guide

Minimum 37 CUs total

MATH 1400
MATH 1410 or MATH 1610
MATH 2400 or MATH 2600
MATH 3120 or MATH 3130 or MATH 3140
CIS 1600
CIS 2610 or ESE 3010 or ENM 3210 or STAT 4300
PHYS 0150 or PHYS 0170 or MEAM 1100+1470
PHYS 0151 or PHYS 0171 or ESE 1120

CIS 1100
CIS 1200
CIS 1210
CIS 3200
ESE 2040 or ESE 5040
ESE 3030
ESE 3050
NETS 1120
NETS 1500
NETS 2120
NETS 3120
NETS 4120

Senior Design or Senior Thesis
CIS 4000 or ESE 4500 or CIS 4100
CIS 4010 or ESE 4510 or CIS 4110

Must contain at least four CU from an approved depth area. For the remaining courses, you may use 1) courses from any approved depth area, and/or 2) courses approved by the department. In general, approved courses will be advanced courses that are rigorous/quantitative and have at least one nontrivial prerequisite. See the NETS web site for a list of depth areas and approved courses.
Depth Area Elective
Depth Area Elective
Depth Area Elective
Depth Area Elective
Tech Elective
Tech Elective

Depth Area C: Networked & Cloud Services
CIS courses, 3000 or above, on algorithms, data management, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, software and distributed systems, networking, software engineering, user interfaces, search, data visualization, crowdsourcing, and related topics

Depth Area D: Data Science
CIS, ESE, or STAT courses on Data Science and Machine Learning

Depth Area T: Theory of Networks & Dynamics
ESE courses, 3000 or above, on optimization, networks, control or dynamic systems
OIDD courses, 9000 or above, on graph theory, optimization, stochastic modeling

Depth Area E: Economics & Networked Markets
EAS & ESE courses on engineering economics, entrepreneurship
MKTG courses on new media, the Internet
OIDD courses, 9000 or above, on decision processes, economics, market equilibria

Depth Area S: Technology & Society
EAS & CIS courses on technology and policy, social policy
SOCI courses on social statistics, computation of demographics, surveys, the Internet

ECON 2100
ECON 4100 or ECON 6110
EAS 2030 or CIS 4230 or CIS 5230
SS or H course
SS or H course
SS, H or TBS course
SS, H or TBS course

SSH Writing Requirement
Writing Seminar (must be one of the seven courses above)

Free Elective (1 CU)
Free Elective

For course schedule planning, please use the electronic Course Planning Guide in PennInTouch. See the SEAS UG Student Handbook for approved courses in these categories. Any required course in any category may be replaced by a higher-level version of that course.