Five Depth Areas

Combined with the fundamentals of Engineering, Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Social Sciences & Humanities,you will choose one of the following five major areas of exploration to complete your NETS degree:

1. Networked and Cloud Services

The Networked and Cloud Services track focuses on tools for building services to rival Facebook or Google, with an emphasis on algorithms, data management, artificial intelligence, software engineering, user interfaces, data visualization and more.

2. Data Science

The Data Science track focuses on techniques that can extract useful information from large amounts of data, as well as on tools for making decisions, understanding observations, and solving problems in today’s world. It includes courses on artificial intelligence, machine learning, modeling, and statistics.

3. Theory of Networks and Dynamics

The Theory of Networks and Dynamics track focuses on analysis and design that considers network structure, with an emphasis on optimization, networks, dynamic systems, stochastic processes, decision theory, and more.

4. Economic and Networked Markets

The Economics and Networked Markets track focuses on how institutions like the stock market or other, newer markets are affected by instant digital communication, with an emphasis on network economics, microeconomic theory, algorithmic game theory, entrepreneurship, new media and more.

5. Technology and Society

The Technology and Society track focuses on cutting-edge social-impact questions, like how games and smart phones affect our concentration, or how we bridge the digital divide, with an emphasis on technology and social policy, statistic, demographic computation and surveys.